Denise Collins
Dog Training and Behavior Modification
Do you need help with your best friend?
You love him and he's a good dog BUT, he
jumps on people
barks too much
gets overly excited
lunges at other dogs
pulls on leash
won't come when called
digs in the yard
chews on furniture
dashes out the door
steals food off the counter
still pees and poops in the house
and more!
Don't worry - you're not alone. Help is here.
Dog Training and Behavior Modification with
Denise Collins, Certified Dog Trainer
I Talk Dog offers a way to stop these problems
and help you create acceptable behavior in
your dog. Denise provides several services that
are customized to fit your particular

Addresses problems and behaviors that are created in
the home and often extend into the outside environment.
This is the best opportunity you'll have to start your
lifelong relationship off on the right foot. Puppies know
how to speak Dog, too.

Because Denise speaks your dog's language, they
interpret training as pack cooperation.
Denise's methods are quick and reliable, yet lovingly
delivered to create calm happy dogs.
When you train your dog to have manners, you can  
experience new places in the world to explore with your
loving companion.
Learn to be a calm, fair, leader and your dog will follow
you anywhere.
Check out my
YELP Reviews
Cesar Millan
The Dog Whisperer
and Denise Collins
You are a phone call
away from the happy,
enjoyable dog of
your dreams.
Denise Collins
Behavior Coach &
Dog Trainer
A kiss from Zoe after her lesson
Natasha, Pearl, Sammy, and
Sparky meeting the Cougar
Nahla meets Cassie the
dog training cat
Past Vice President of the
International Association of
Canine Professionals
Denise, in her role as Director and
Conference Manager of the
International Association of Canine
Professionals, presenting Cesar
Millan with a thank you gift for

speaking at our conference.
I Talk Dog provides In-Home Puppy and Dog Training Serving Mission Viejo and
some nearby cities. Denise Collins is a Professional Dog Trainer in Mission Viejo.
*ATTENTION* Contra Costa
Clients. I have moved to
Southern California
Denise and Maggie ready for
morning training session