"Dogs DO NOT follow a LOVEABLE Leader,
they follow calm assertive leaders."
Cesar Millan
Denise Collins bases her teaching, on the philosophies and
lessons of Cesar Millan. She has developed a repertoire of
dog training and behavior changing skills and techniques
that have served her clients well. Testimonies from her
clients echo the comment “I can’t believe he (their dog)
could change so quickly”. Dog training is an art as well as a
science and as an experienced dog trainer Denise of I Talk
Dog brings these qualities to the training ‘table’ for the
benefit of both dogs and their owners.  
Teaching obedience commands is fairly straightforward,
however the difficult part is changing an owners’ behavior.
A dog trainer must be able to connect with dog owners to
help them understand how their behavior is affecting the
relationship with their dog. Denise has the unique ability to
communicate and create understanding in owners.
Many owners believe love will cure all behavior problems.
They try using human psychology to interpret why the dog
is acting out in ways that are unacceptable. It is quite
puzzling to them when this doesn’t work. It is Denise’s belief
that we must understand how dogs think and we need to
communicate with and train them through this knowledge to
be the ideal companion.
Denise teaches clients what a dog sees, as compared to
what we see, to anticipate how their dog will react to any
given situation, to modify the naughty behavior and build
good, and how to walk your dog to achieve a happy and
successful relationship. A structured walk is the beginning
to all other training. Her instruction to clients “Learn to be a
calm, fair, leader and your dog will follow you anywhere”.
To her clients, Denise is more than a dog trainer; she is a
confidant who works with them to build harmony into the
family through the training of their dog.

Denise Collins has
24 years experience training dogs with
“I Talk Dog”, and now lives in Mission Viejo, CA.
Experience and dedication that can help you keep your dog
in your family for a lifetime.
I Talk Dog will help you talk dog and understand your dog
so that you can become the greatest of friends. A friendship
based on a common understanding, confidence and trust.  
Your dog wants to be your friend, your companion and your
colleague, don’t give up on him. Let Denise show you how
to create a companion for life. The best friend you dream of.

I have trained and been certified with:
Martin Deeley, Executive Director of the International
Association of Canine Professionals, 2011 International Hall
of Fame recipient
, collaborator on all of Cesar Millan's
books, contributing writer to Cesar's Way magazine, in his
E-Touch training method;
Marc Goldberg, Past President of IACP, in his Force Free
Cheri Lucas, the first of only three people trained by Cesar
Millan, in pack behavior;
Linn Boyke, ZEN4K9s, one of three people trained by
Cesar Millan

I am a past Vice President and Conference Director of the
International Association of Canine Professionals.
I regularly attend conferences and seminars on dog
behavior, nutrition, and training.
Dog Trainer, Dog Behavior Training
Denise Collins
Dog Trainer &
Behavior Coach
Jack La Lanne and Happy
Sammy the Dachshund
Vice President of the
International Association  of
Canine Professionals