Our dogs are over-touched,
over-talked, and over-stimulated.
"For me the e-collar is a tool which helps me with a
methodology, philosophy and approach we have developed
over the years and are still developing. It is not an end in
itself. E-Touch, which I developed, is not a magic method it
is a catalyst which can be incorporated within  training
approaches to train even better. In training a dog we may
use food, verbal rewards, tactile rewards, or whatever. The
e-collar is a tool that can be added to the mixture to create
something special. BUT the main principles of good dog
training do not disappear, we stay creative, we do not
depend on the e-collar for everything, there is no one best
approach, it is not a race to see who can train the fastest.
And most of all we work within the temperament and pace
of the dog – reading the dog, and by doing so maintaining a
true companion relationship is essential. We want a dog
that will be a dog, will make decisions, and basically acts as
a dog while remaining a partner and companion. The e-
collar is the most comprehensive dog training tool available
to us today. Following training,  you will find it is the most
effective off leash communication between yourself and
your dog. Most of all, the big advantage is the ability of a
dog trainer to hand control to an owner; who does not have
to be a skilled handler or dog trainer." Martin Deeley

The remote training collar has become so highly
sophisticated and subtle. It's effect is like someone tapping
you on the shoulder to get your attention when you are
engrossed in work, a TV show, or the Super Bowl game. It
is training tool that offers another way to communicate with
your dog on a tactile level. These collars have been
developed by dog lovers, hunters and field trial competitors
that need to communicate with their dogs at great
distances. They were never meant to shock. The
stimulation happens so quickly, one one-thousandth of a
second, that their is no residual effect on the nerve
endings. The "Tap" prompts a dog to action, such as, sit,
down, or follow me. The remote training collar allows us to
guide and shape the behaviors we want in dog training.
Denise Collins
Dog Trainer &
Behavior Coach
Martin Deeley with Cesar
Millan's famous dog
E-Touch Workshop Group at
Martin and Pat Deeley's
beautiful 5 acre home site
November 2007
Advanced E-Touch Workshop
October 6-10-2008 dealing with
aggression and retrieving
Martin Deeley, Executive Director
of the International Association of
Canine Professionals
Marc Goldberg, President IACP,
Denise Collins completed the
WORKSHOP in Florida Nov 6-10
2007 and Advanced E-Touch
October 6-10, 2008
Cheri Lucas and Martin Deeley
certificate of completion for the  Pack
Rehab and E-Touch Workshop June
20-24, 2009
Past Vice President of the
International Association of
Canine Professionals
Board of Directors IACP with Cesar Millan
April 9, 2011
If you have an e collar and need help in using it or
have thought about using one for training your dog  
to be under control off leash,
I can help you get started.
I do not use e collars for in home training