I’m taking my dog out for walks less often because she
pulls hard on the leash. I can’t control her and its hurting
my arm.
The best way to bond with your dog is by taking her out on
a structured walk. A structured walk means your dog walks
at your side or behind you. Two structured walks a day of
at least 30 minutes long is ideal. Position the dog’s collar
high up on the neck, which is the most sensitive part.
Gather up the leash so it is short but, hangs freely (no
tension). I like martingale collars or head collars such as,
the Halti or Gentle Leaders. Some dogs do best with a
prong collar. All dogs have different needs. During training
sessions, I can determine which collar is best for your dog.
Walking with structure furthers the notion in the dog’s mind
that you are the leader. This is why the walk is so
important. You as pack leader, provide food and water at
the end of a walk.

I have a big backyard, can’t I let my dog get his exercise
Dogs need to move forward in a mock search for food and
water. We have not succeeded in breeding out the instinct
to search. The most common cause of behavioral problems
is lack of exercise. Dogs are most active the morning and
early evening. Providing physical and mental exercise at
these times fulfills your dog’s needs.

My dog chews the furniture, shoes, and gets into the
garbage when I’m away at work or the store.
Exercise your dog with a vigorous walk prior to leaving for
work. A tired dog is a good dog. Confine the dog in a crate
or to one area of the house.  Provide mental stimulation by
leaving a bone or kibble held in by peanut butter or wet dog
food, stuffed into a Kong.
See the video on how to stuff a
Kong. Hide them around his confinement area so he must
search for his food.

I don’t mind my dog jumping up on me when I’m in old
clothes, but how can I stop her when I’m dressed up?
You must be consistent with your dog. Decide on what the
rules will be for jumping up on you, furniture, mouthing,
nipping, and other behaviors. Remember, if you teach your
dog it is fine to jump on you, then it has to be O.K. to jump
on your elderly relatives and children that visit. Dogs do not
understand “sometimes.” It creates anxiety in your dog
when you are not consistent with the rules. They feel your
inconsistency which makes them nervous.
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Denise Collins
Dog Trainer &
Behavior Coach
Darla waiting for the ball
to be thrown
Pack Walk with Linn Boyke
Rat Terrier, Willie,
waiting for his lesson
Denise Collins walking Cheri Lucas' pack of
dogs at a workshop on Pack Rehab and
E-Touch June 20-24, 2009. Cheri Lucas is
Cesar Millan's protege and has appeared
on many episodes of the Dog Whisperer.
Past Vice President and
Conference Director of the
International Association of
Canine Professionals