Recommended Reading
Teaching you and your
dog in real-life situations.
Denise Collins
Dog Trainer &
Behavior Coach
All books by Cesar Millan
especially Be the Pack Leader

Dog Language by Roger Abrantes

All of these books by Stanley Coren
The Intelligence of Dogs
How Dogs Think
How to Speak Dog
Why we love the dogs we do
What do dogs know?

The Dog's Mind by Bruce Fogle

Recommended Books On Puppy Training:

How to Raise the Perfect Dog and Be The Pack Leader By Cesar Millan

The Art Of Raising A Puppy by Monks Of New Skete

Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence by Carol Lea Benjamin

How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford And Neil

My Smart Puppy by Brian Kilcommons And Sarah Wilson
Past Vice President of the
International Association of
Canine Professionals
Frank the Frenchie
Jupiter looking relaxed in
her down stay. She is
Miller's sister
Miller the "original black lab"