I Talk Dog is dedicated to creating a happy dog with
acceptable behavior.
In-Home Dog Training
Many behavior problems begin at home. There is no reason
to live with annoying habits. I Talk Dog brings dog training
into your home - a personalized family service.
Does your dog
Jump up on people
Dash through doors
Not come when called
Dig holes
Bark inappropriately
Chew  on furniture
Climb on furniture you do not wish them to be on
Steal food and object off counter-tops and tables
Embarrass you

A program will be set up, designed for your specific needs.
Your dog will be happier and in turn, you and your family will
have a dog to be proud of.
Three one hour sessions $435

Puppy Training
Puppies are adorable! Their behaviors are often excused.
But, they grow up so quickly that these behaviors can
become serious problems. Training should start the day you
bring your pup home. Let Denise help you create the perfect
beginning. The investment you make in training your pup now
will build a wonderful relationship and a lifetime of happiness
with your family.
Three in-home one hour sessions $435
Providing a personalized service of dog training for your
whole family in the environment where your dog spends most
of his time - your home.

Denise can help set up your home before the pup arrives

(read this testimonial
) ensuring that routines and commands
are consistent to build a strong foundation for your new family

Other thoughts I would like you to know about all the services:
I love DOGS!  I am PASSIONATE about the services offered
and the relationship we can create together for you and your
Dogs are given a safe, friendly environment to learn. They
are welcomed into the family to learn.
Mistakes are valued as opportunities to learn.
Expect results. I teach practical training/obedience as it is
used in real-life situations.
You can be sure your dog will receive the personal attention
he/she needs to help reach your goals.
Teaching you and your
dog in real-life situations.
Denise Collins
Dog Trainer &
Behavior Coach
"Denise has been such a great help
with Harley. He is almost like a new
dog, so much more well-behaved! We
recently got another German
Shepherd, named Bella. It was no
question that we would be using
Denise to help with training. My mom
has also started using Denise to
assist with training her Miniature
Dachshund, Sammy. I would
recommend Denise to anyone that
needs or wants help with training their
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| Puppy Training  | Electronic Collar Training Mission Viejo| Obedience Training|
Behavior Problems |  KONG | IACP |
Cesar Millan
Here is a great video on how to
stuff a KONG.
This link is about using
KONG toys in basic training.
Denise taught us how to “talk dog” and did it in
a fun and accessible way.  She taught my wife
and me how to understand what our puppy
needed so we could better teach and guide
our dog.  Denise taught us how to understand
what dogs respond to and respectfully pointed
out ways that we were unintentionally
contributing to or dog’s unwanted behaviors.
The changes in our dog’s behavior have been
significant!  Our puppy has learned all the
basic commands, is calmer, and continues to
show intense interest in learning!  Denise
offered simple and fun solutions that we enjoy
working on with our dog.  Since working with
Denise, I am now calmer and more confident in
how I deal with our puppy, and I feel like I have
the ability to set loving and respectful
boundaries which my dog respects.  
Consequently, our whole family, including our
puppy is spending much more time loving,
laughing, and enjoying one another.
Ryan & Shannon
Shannon, Toby (Manchester Terrier),
Bella (Italian Greyhound), and Ryan
Shasta on a field trip
Past Vice President of the
International Association of
Canine Professionals
Jessie relaxing after a hard day
of shopping.
Bailey learns to stay in a busy
downtown setting.
Tyra looking beautiful while
doing her down stay.
Denise Collins provides dog training and dog behavior
modification services in Mission Viejo and some near by cities.
I Talk Dog trains puppies and dogs in your home.
Archie the miniture
Bull Terrier