Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You've really made a big difference
for me in understanding my dog a
little better, and enjoying my time
with him so much more. I am sure my
cats are grateful too. :) You are so
generous with me. With things and
with your time and advise. Thank
you, Denise.
Lana & Markus
Teaching you and your
dog in real-life situations.
Denise Collins
Dog Trainer &
Behavior Coach
I was overwhelmed about
bringing home our new puppy
until I met with Denise.  She
came to our house a week
before we brought Freddie
home and helped us set up the
house for his arrival.  She gave
us a list of what to buy, helped
set up his "area", told us where
his "potty spot" should be, and
gave us a puppy schedule.  All
this information was invaluable.  
Having a plan for our puppy
relieved a lot of anxiety and
stress. I would encourage
anyone who is getting a puppy
to meet with Denise.  Our family
can't thank her enough!
The Krey family
I have been fortunate to have Denise Collins both
on my advanced training courses and work with
her as a fellow trainer. She has a natural affinity for
the needs of families and their dogs.  With a
commitment to helping owners and dogs live
happy lives together Denise achieves success
overcoming the multitude of behavior problems
and training issues we face with dogs today. A
keen eye for both human and canine flaws she
has the ability to support, train and help both dog
and owner.  And that is a rarity today.
Martin Deeley, CDT
Consultant and Advisor to Cesar Millan
Exec Director International Association of
Canine Professional
Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family
The world would be a much better place for dogs, if we spent the time carefully considering our
lifestyle and how a dog would fit into it, prior to looking at a litter of puppies or walking into a shelter.

Why do you want a dog?  
Do you think it would be a good experience for your children?  
How old are they?  If they are under seven years old, they will not be responsible enough to care for
a dog.  If they are over seven years old, they can help with some of the care, but the responsibility
will remain with the parents.

Consider what your family likes to do.  Are both parents working?  Do the kids have a lot of after
school activities?  Do they play sports on the weekends?  If a family is this busy, it's not fair to bring
a dog into the house.  Dogs need at least two walks a day with some mentally stimulating play
time.  Otherwise they will make their own fun.  This can be digging up the drip system, chewing on
walls and doors, getting into the garbage, chewing shoes and couches, or all of the above and
incessant barking, too.

If you decide you have the time, then what is your energy level?
Do you like to sit on the couch after working all day? If so, you would not want a high energy dog.
You would not want a smart dog either.  Smart dogs are not content to sit on the couch and do
nothing.  I know which breeds of dogs, have low energy and are near the bottom of the list for
intelligence. Remember, this is not a bad thing. You will be much happier with a dog that is content
to relax with you.

What do you want to do with the dog?  Do you want to run 3 miles with your dog on the weekend?  
Do you like to hike on the trails and have your dog off leash?  Do you want a dog that can
accompany you on your errands, attend soccer games and sit by your side without wanting to
chase the ball and the kids?  

Do you care if the dog sheds or has to be groomed?  Depending on their coat, a dog may require
brushing every day and seeing the groomer every six weeks.  Or they could be a wash and wear
dog that requires weekly brushing, with very little shedding, and a bath every month or two.

You need to decide whether to get a puppy or choose an older dog from rescue.  
The joys of puppyhood come with a huge time commitment.  There will be getting up in the middle
of the night to let the puppy out to go potty.  There will be crying in the crate because they're lonely.  
There is potty training, socializing the puppy to the sights and sounds of the world, meeting other
dogs and lots of other training to have a well mannered pup.

Getting a young dog from rescue comes with its set of problems.  They might be fearful of the world
because they have not been socialized as puppies.  They could have separation anxiety.  They
might be aggressive toward dogs.

These are all the things that I can help discuss with individuals and families considering getting a
puppy or dog. Once the decision is made, I can help find the right puppy from a breeder or find a
dog from rescue and evaluate the dogs personality to see if it would be a match.

If careful thought and consideration goes into the choice of the right dog for a family, chances are
the dog will not be returned to the breeder or given back to a rescue.

Now with all the above questions answered, you have chosen a puppy or a dog.  I can help you with
setting up your home before you bring the puppy or dog home.
Past Vice President of the
International Association of
Canine Professionals
Jaxon is doing SO great since
Denise worked with us! He
used to have really bad ball
possession issues, and
aggression with other dogs at
the dog park and while on
walks. But since Denise came
in to our lives, he's a
completely different dog! He is
amazing on walks, and sits
politely by the door when I pick
up his leash, and ignores other
dogs completely. But the best
thing was at the dog park the
other day, another dog picked
up his ball, and he just sat
there. He still has a few issues
with sharing his things, but I'm
working with him everyday,
and hes getting better and
better. Im so proud of him, and I
can tell he is much more
relaxed and a much happier
Thank you again for all your
help Denise, you changed his
Rawley really has been a joy to our family.
You really did us a tremendous service by
teaching me how to crate train him. This
has given us some important structure. He
is so comfy in his crate. It has been
wonderful on trips too because we can
bring his crate along and he feels very
secure wherever we are. He is a super
traveler -- happy to ride in his car crate with
no fussing and excited to get out and
explore at any destination.
Other people often comment on how well-
behaved he is -- he never jumps up on
anyone (except for other dogs…) and he is
happy when children approach him. He
greets people with kisses and waits to be
He has had a bit of naughtiness, but it is
totally manageable. I just remind myself
that he really is a little boy who wants to
test limits and craves my guidance (just like
my kids!). Often, issues happen when I
have given him too much freedom in the
backyard (I am letting him roam free a bit
back there (leash on), seeing what he does
with a little freedom) -- or when he hasn't
had enough exercise for the day. The main
challenging behaviors are digging and
nabbing/chewing on things that aren't his.
He has been gentle with the kids (most of
the time) -- I never get the impression he
wants to hurt them. If he is doing anything
(mainly nipping at their shirts, which is
rare), it is my fault because I let walk him
around free when it is getting close to the
time for him to rest in his crate. When this
happens, I am quick to grab his leash and
correct him and give him some quiet rest
We embarked on a major search for the best dog trainer
whom we could find. After reading countless reviews and
talking with other dog owners, we found the ideal person:  
Denise Collins.
At the time we began private lessons, our 4 month old mini
poodle was basically well-behaved and a pleasure.  We
understood, however, that as new dog owners, we and our
puppy still had a lot to learn.  
Denise was, and continues to be the perfect match for us.
In addition to teaching new lessons and solidifying crucial
commands, Denise educated us about dog health. Her
knowledge surpassed that of our vet's, particularly in
regard to food and feeding.  As a result of her advice, we
changed our puppy's food and the amount we were
feeding her. Her digestion improved dramatically.
In terms of style, our puppy loves Denise.  She is gentle,
firm, and patient.  Truly, a winning combination.
If you are seeking the best trainer you could have for your
dog, look no further.  That would be Denise Collins.

Jennifer and John Sugiyama